IRMA OSS, proudly brought to you by Quarkslab, is an open source, customizable platform to analyze suspicious files for malware.

IRMA OSS was designed keeping in mind the changing threat environment with advanced solutions and techniques engineered to evade defence mechanisms. IRMA allows to analyse multiple files at once and provides intelligence on submitted files while letting you have complete control and privacy. Your data stays within your network.

Orchestration of multiple detection tools
Extensible and customizable
Automated workflows



The version v2.4.14 of IRMA Open-source is now available!

  • Fixes dependency broken url for PEiD


The version v2.4.13 of IRMA Open-source is now available!

  • Fixes security issues found by github


The version v2.4.12 of IRMA Open-source is now available!

  • Change APIv2 files upload mechanism
  • Enable custom logo
  • Update dependencies
  • Multiple fixes


The version v2.2.2 of IRMA Open-source is now available!

  • Breaking change: automated install now uses a submodule tool called irma-ansible
  • Added /scans/quick API endpoint to scan one file in one call
  • ZipBomb protection
  • Analysis progress is blue while scan is underway
  • Added a timeline of scans in file detailled results page
  • Split Ansible/Vagrant configurations